Senin, 07 September 2015

Teori-teori Yang Mendasari Perlunya Pendekatan Psikologi (lingkungan) dalam berarsitektur : 
1. Jon Lang, dalam  Rinehart, 2004

         Architecture is a fine art, (but) it is also a technology and an applied social/ behavioral science in which architects make statements on the activity patterns, physiological needs and aesthetic preferences of people”     
2   2. Hershberger, 1977
         We recognize that the architectural environment cannot be used (except in the most primitive sense) in the absence of meaning
         The use of buildings will depend on the meaning the designed buildings have for people (user to be)

     3. Kopec, 2010
·        Human –environment interactions (in architecture) are based on human’s psychological processes in relation to their surroundings

·        The effect of the physical environment is buffered by perceptions, beliefs, preferences, experiences, and personality

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